How To Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floor Finish

Posted on: 13 June 2016

Your home's hardwood finish will last many years, with the proper care. Knowing how to care for your home's hardwood finish is an important part of maintaining your floors and avoiding an early refinish.  

Dry Mop Your Floor Daily

Dry mopping your floor on a daily basis. Dry mopping is important because it helps clean your floors of small rocks, pebbles and other hard objects that might scratch your floor over time. To dry mop your floor, use a microfiber cloth mop designed to attract dirt and dust bunnies through the power of static cling. Use a mop that can angle sharply, to help you remove dirt from corners and under pieces of furniture.

Wet Mop Your Floor Every Other Week

Wet mopping your floor is important, even though it shouldn't be done more often than every other week. (Wet mopping more frequently can cause your floor boards to absorb too much moisture and become warped with time). To wet mop your floor, start by mixing a combination of mild detergent and water in a bucket. Add a few dashes of olive oil to condition your floors and make them shine. Use the mixture to dampen a microfiber cloth mop head, then mop the floors. Wipe up any remaining puddles right away with an absorbent, clean towel. Do this every other week, after sweeping and dry mopping. Doing this every other week will help keep any grime off your hardwood floors and will keep them looking their best.

Prevent Scratches

There are many things you can do to prevent scratches on your hardwood floors, including:

  • Lay carpet runners down in the highest traffic areas of your home, including at entrances, in hallways and on stair cases. This will help prevent the finish from becoming rubbed or scratched off over time.
  • Put floor protectors on the bottoms of all your four-legged chairs. Using felt bottoms for your kitchen or dining room chairs will prevent the floor around your tables form becoming scratched.
  • Use hardwood floor casters on rolling office chairs. Rolling office chairs can scratch floors over time. Use special casters made specifically for use on hardwood floors to prevent this from happening.
  • Keep your pet's nails trimmed or covered with special paw covers. Pet claws can easily scratch up your hardwood floors. Keep your pet's claws trimmed to avoid damaging your floors in the areas where your pet likes to walk.

For more information about how you can extend the life of your hardwood floors, talk to a hardwood floor refinishing contractor (such as one from Idaho Hardwood Flooring). He or she can give tips and advice that can extend the life of your floors.