3 Custom Laminate Flooring Ideas to Create Durable Personalized Flooring

Posted on: 29 September 2016

When you are planning on installing new floors in your home, laminates give you a good option for an affordable material. While these materials are usually installed in a uniform fashion, they can also be used to create unique custom designs with your new floors. Here are some tips to help with the custom floor designs using laminate materials:

1. Use a Different Material to Simply Create a Border in a Room

There are many different materials that can be used to create boarders around a room. These materials come in several different sizes, colors, and even textures. Using a textured material around the borders in areas like basements can be a good way to keep water out and improve drainage in an area where water and moisture is commonly a problem.

2. Easily Cut an Inlaid Design into Laminate Flooring Using a Variety of Products

You can also easily cut inlaid designs into laminated floors, which can be a costly process if you use wood or other materials. With laminated flooring, this is something that you will even be able to do yourself. These materials can be the same thickness, but have different colors and styles to work with to create patterns with inlaid designs. Today, there are even some materials that resemble hardwoods to give you an authentic inlaid design for the entrance of a business or other area.

3. Use a Variety of Textures, Colors, and Styles to Create Personalized Artwork in Floors

You may want to consider a personalized artwork solution for floors, which can be done with laminate flooring easily. You can use different colors and styles of laminate flooring to cut artistic designs in the floors. This can be a great option for something like the entrance of a business because you can include the logo of your business and help establish branding. The artwork can also be used for marketing by using colors that attract people to make purchases. You may just want to have the art to give your floors a unique look, and the art can be used to visually represent your business.

These are some affordable custom flooring ideas that you can do with laminate flooring materials. If you are ready to start your new custom flooring project, contact a contractor like East Penn Hardwood Flooring Corp. for more information and to get help with some of these idea for your floors.