Replacing Your Carpet Soon? Take Care Of A Few Things To Avoid Wear And Tear Early On

Posted on: 27 July 2017

It is inevitable for homeowners to have to replace their carpet after a certain number of years. Carpet is not like hardwood or tile that can last a century if well-maintained. While you may have taken great care of the carpet and it just needs to be replaced due to old age, there may be some things that caused extra wear and tear. It is worth making some simple changes to your home to avoid excessive wear and tear so that when you have the new carpet installed, you can confidently make it last as long as possible.

Invest in Reliable Cleaning Supplies

An underrated addition to your home is reliable cleaning supplies. It is worth having cleaning solutions to various stains that you may experience. For instance, if you frequently drink wine, you will want to buy a cleaner that is specifically made to get rid of wine stains or make a concoction of your own. This will prevent you from using a standard cleaner and excessively scrubbing the carpet to remove the stain. It is possible for rough scrubbing in the same spot to wear down the carpet, so it is beneficial to avoid.

Clean All Furniture Legs

When you get the new carpet, you may not be thinking about the furniture in your home aside from having to move it around while the old carpet is removed and the new carpet is installed. But, you should take this time to clean the furniture legs, especially the bottom because they may not be that clean. If you have furniture pads on the bottom of the legs to minimize their impact on the carpet, you should replace them as it is better to start new rather than trying to clean them and not having much success.

Buy Area Rugs

An excellent tip is to buy area rugs for the home. It is inevitable for specific spots to wear down faster than others because they will receive more foot traffic. For instance, the front entrance will undoubtedly experience more wear and tear than underneath furniture pieces. You can greatly reduce this deterioration by investing in area rugs that cover the front entrance as well as other hot spots.

These ideas may be simple to accomplish, but you will find them to be extremely helpful when you need to replace the carpet and want to maximize the lifespan through proper care.