Your Questions Answered About Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 12 November 2017

Does the white carpet in your house make it look bad because it has a large amount of dirt on it? Cleaning white carpet can be a complicated task that might not end in satisfactory results, as stains may not be able to get removed. A good resolution to the problem would be to rip the carpet up and replace it with something that won't get as dirty. For example, choosing hardwood as your flooring material will give you the ability to spend less time worrying about how much dirt they accumulate. Use the information in this article to determine if getting hardwood floors is something that you want to consider for your house.

Does Hardwood Scratch Easily?

There are numerous types of hardwood flooring materials that you can get installed in your house. The ease of scratching the wood will depend on which type is chosen, as well as how well they are taken care of. For example, as long as you don't drag furniture and other items across your floors, they are not likely to get scratched easily. If you have children living in the house, make sure they don't drag toys across the floor that can create scratches.

What is Involved with Cleaning Hardwood?

You will be able to keep your hardwood floors clean without putting much work into the task. When it comes to dirt accumulating on the floors, you will be able to easily remove it no matter how much it is. A broom is sufficient enough for cleaning up loose dirt, while a mop will work to get rid of dirt that is stuck to the wood. You will not have to worry about dirt causing stubborn stains as it does with white carpet.

Can Hardwood Affect the Value of a House?

Hardwood floors can have a substantial effect on the value of your house. However, you will be happy to know that hardwood can actually help the value go up. One reason for the increase in value is because hardwood floors are extremely durable. Hardwood floors are also beautiful and highly desirable when buyers are looking to invest in a house.

How Long Does Hardwood Last as Flooring?

Hardwood flooring lasts for years, as it is one of the most durable materials that you can buy. Basically, damage can easily be repaired due to the ability of being able to resurface the wood. You can also seal the surface to prevent untimely damage.

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