4 Tips To Help With Maintenance And Restoration Of Old Wood Flooring

Posted on: 9 April 2018

If you are doing restorations to your home, you may have old wood floors that are damaged, or that may have even been covered with other materials like carpeting. Restoring the wood flooring can be a valuable improvement to your home, but they are going to need maintenance to keep them looking like new when you have them surfaced. Here are some tips to help with hardwood floor restorations and maintenance to give your restoration project elegant new floors:

1. Uncovering Old Wood Floors That Have Been Covered with Other Materials

The old floors beneath your carpet or laminate flooring may be hardwood or other materials. In some older homes, the materials may even be wood that is not available anymore. Expose the floor to inspect its condition and decide if it is worth the effort to resurface the floor to bring it back to life or if you want to have new wood floors installed in your home.

2. Inspecting the Floors for Damage and Repairs That Need to Be Done for Restoration

When you have all the floors uncovered, you will want to look for any damage that needs to be repaired. Sometimes, old hardwood flooring may have areas of rot or insect damage. Replace any of the boards that cannot be sanded due to the extent of the damage. You will also want to replace any wood with cracks, scratches and other damage that cannot be sanded out during the surfacing process.

3. Resurfacing Old Wood Floors to Give Them A New Look and Restored Finish

After you have completed all the repairs and replaced any boards that are too damaged, you will be ready for resurfacing your flooring. This is the process of sanding the floors down to the natural wood and then applying a new finish to make them look like new again. To ensure that the process is done correctly, it is best to hire a floor surfacing contractor. This is because floors can easily be damaged during the sanding process.

4. Regular Waxing and Maintenance to Protect Hardwood Floors from Damage and Wear

Once you have completed restoring your hardwood floors, maintenance is important to ensure that they are protected from wear. You should regularly mop the floors with special oil-based hardwood flooring cleaners and avoid using too much water. Also, an occasional coat of wax will help protect flooring from wear and water damage.

These are some tips to help with restoration and maintenance of old wood flooring. If you have a hardwood floor that needs to be revived, contact a floor surfacing contractor for help with restoration.