What Happens During Hardwood Flooring Installation

Posted on: 18 February 2020

Hardwood floors are beautiful and durable. They look classy and timeless in a way no other type of flooring does. Unless you're confident in your woodworking abilities, it's best to hire a professional installation service to install your hardwood floor. Knowing what to expect can help you feel more at ease with the process. Here are four things that will happen during your hardwood flooring installation.

1. Your baseboards and trim will be removed.

In order to make sure your hardwood flooring extends from wall to wall, your baseboards and trim will need to be removed. By this point, you should have already moved all your furniture into another part of the house so your installation expert has access to all parts of the floor. The baseboards and trim will be carefully pulled up and set aside. They will be replaced once the flooring installation is finished.

2. An underlayment will be placed.

Hardwood floors are installed over an underlayment, which is usually a large sheet of felt that goes between your existing floor and your new hardwood flooring. Underlayment protects your hardwood floor by keeping moisture away from the wood, which could cause warping or cracking. It also dampens the sound of footsteps, which is important for anyone installing hardwood flooring on an upper level. At this point in your installation process, an underlayment will be measured, cut, and placed.

3. Your flooring will be arranged on the ground.

Installing hardwood flooring is an artistic process as much as a technical process. You will have already chosen your ideal wood flooring type, but since wood is a natural material, each piece will look slightly different. Your flooring installation expert will arrange the floorboards on your floor in order to find the most aesthetically pleasing layout. They will do this without using adhesive or nails initially, in order to allow for adjustments. You can have a say in this part if you like, but remember that the workers installing your floor are experts who have done this many times before. It's often better to simply trust their expertise.

4. Your hardwood flooring will be nailed in place.

Hardwood floors are attached using nails. In order to maintain a beautiful appearance, these nails are hidden between the joints of your hardwood floor panels. Your floor installation team will lay the boards down one at a time, attaching them as they go.