• Your Questions Answered About Hardwood Floors

    Does the white carpet in your house make it look bad because it has a large amount of dirt on it? Cleaning white carpet can be a complicated task that might not end in satisfactory results, as stains may not be able to get removed. A good resolution to the problem would be to rip the carpet up and replace it with something that won't get as dirty. For example, choosing hardwood as your flooring material will give you the ability to spend less time worrying about how much dirt they accumulate. [Read More]

  • Replacing Your Carpet Soon? Take Care Of A Few Things To Avoid Wear And Tear Early On

    It is inevitable for homeowners to have to replace their carpet after a certain number of years. Carpet is not like hardwood or tile that can last a century if well-maintained. While you may have taken great care of the carpet and it just needs to be replaced due to old age, there may be some things that caused extra wear and tear. It is worth making some simple changes to your home to avoid excessive wear and tear so that when you have the new carpet installed, you can confidently make it last as long as possible. [Read More]